Cleaning windows right after a home renovation job isn’t going to be like cleaning them throughout the year. You’ll need to remove dust, paint, adhesive tape, and other debris from those windows even if they’re newly installed.

  1. Don’t use standard cleaning tools or methods

If you use abrasive tools or simply use a regular paper towel to wipe off dirt and dust from the windows can actually cause it more harm than good as you’re actually rubbing that debris into the glass. You’re always going to waste time and money cleaning those windows using regular cleaning supplies if you don’t know the proper method of removing construction dust and other debris from those windows. After a construction project, it’s not uncommon to see paint droplets splattered almost everywhere, including the windows. You will also see splotches of grout, caulk, and adhesives that need to be cleaned from the glass. Trying to clean this dirt and debris using a rag will leave behind stains and streaks which will make your cleanup even more challenging and time-consuming.

  1. Use the proper tools

Construction dust is composed of wood remnants and drywall during the construction. As it is, the dust these materials create is thicker and harder to remove. You’ll need special equipment for that like a heavy-duty, wet-dry vacuum, shop rags, glass cleaning squeegee, glass scraper, a good quality squirt bottle, and old newspaper pages. A heavy-duty wet and dry vacuum cleaner will help you clean construction debris as no household vacuum can. Sharp dust can ruin the filter, hose, belt, and sweeper of a standard household vacuum cleaner. It might even damage the canister or tear a hole through the bag.

Shop rags can be found in home improvement stores. These are thick and made of soft materials so it won’t scratch glass surfaces. Glass squeegee is an essential tool when it comes to cleaning glass. The one you should use should have a soft rag on one side and a rubberized lip on the other. Make sure you choose one that’s heavy-duty. You should also have a glass scraper, a squirt bottle, glass cleaner, and newspaper pages.

  1. Start with vacuuming

You want to begin by vacuuming all the loose dust and debris that have settled into the windows. You can lightly brush the glass and the frame to shake off some of the debris before vacuuming them. Use the vacuum to remove caulk and other types of adhesive residue from the glass instead of using a rag. This is to ensure that you don’t scratch the glass surface during the cleanup. It’s also recommended that you remove dust and debris around and above the windows. Use a vacuum attachment or even a broom to remove dust that may have clung to the walls and other crevices.

  1. Glass cleaner

Use the glass cleaner to remove paint, caulk, and other sticky stuff on the glass. Gently scrape them away using the glass squeegee. Make sure you hold the cleaner at an angle as you scrape across the surface of the glass. You can also use the blade on the outer edges of the window and inside the frame. At this point, avoid using the shop rag to dry the glass. You want to use as much water to soak the surface of the glass. Saturate any dust or paint to make it easier to remove with a glass cleaner. Next, use the rubber squeegee to wipe away water and residue from the glass surface. With each wipe, use the shop rag to wipe the rubber edge of the squeegee to remove the dirt and debris the clung to the rubber edge.

  1. Newspaper to finish

Cleaning a newly installed window using a glass cleaner and rag simply won’t do the job. It will leave streaks and watermarks that are unsightly. But there is a simple trick to finish your post-construction window cleanup that will result in sparklingly clean windows. All you have to do to leave streaks on your newly installed window after cleaning, spray the windows with glass cleaner before wiping it off with crumpled newspaper pages instead.

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Let’s cover a quick overview of the top 3 vacuum cleaner brands in the industry. They are Dyson, Eureka, and Hoover.

  1. Dyson

There are a lot of benefits to choosing a Dyson vacuum cleaner. A great example would be the range of products you can choose from. Before choosing a Dyson vacuum, it is important that you know your cleaning needs to choose the correct product. Dyson models are also suitable no matter the lifestyle of the owner. They offer compact vacuums perfect for apartments and they have heavy-duty vacuum cleaners that many house cleaning companies use.


Cordless option – Many of Dyson’s products are cordless which make cleaning that much easier because you won’t have to contend with lengthy wires that get in the way. If the cord is too short, there’s no need to look for an extension cord with the right length. The unique stick shape allows for easy maneuvering, especially in corners and baseboards.

Lightweight – Dyson’s V6 is the lightest cordless vacuum that they offer, weighing only 4.5 pounds. It’s perfect for homes with multiple levels.


Expensive – Dyson’s products are set at a premium price. If you’re on a tight budget, you can go for brands like Eureka, Shark, and Bissell who offer cheaper alternatives.

Charging – Being cordless, you will have to charge the vacuum. A deep cleaning at home will need to be limited to the battery life of the vacuum, usually around 40 mins.

  1. Eureka

Another popular vacuum cleaner brand is Eureka. They make a wide range of vacuum cleaners that’s perfect for whatever needs. They offer lightweight stick vacuums, canisters, hand-held, and upright vacuum cleaners. Eureka vacuums are also available in various house supplies stores and retail outlets. Not only that, but the brand also sells its products online. No matter the need or the budget an interested buyer might require in buying a vacuum, trust the Eureka will have the right product for it.

Popular products

The Eureka NEU180B is a favorite lightweight and portable product. It’s easy to carry around the house despite it being an upright model. With 5 height adjustments, this model can be used in any type of surface, from fluffy carpets and rugs to hardwood floors and tiles.

The Eureka NEU100 is another popular vacuum model by Eureka. It’s known for its powerful suction capabilities that can be used for both hard and carpeted floors. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to store and maneuver during cleaning.

The Eureka Mighty Mite is perfect for people looking for a budget-friendly vacuum cleaner. Despite its price, the Mighty Mite can still get the job done. Equipped with a lightweight canister and a 10 amp motor, it can be used for cleaning the house as well as vehicles.

  1. Hoover

The vacuum company of Hoover has been in existence for over 100 years. At the time, they were the only company that made machines that used suction in combination with agitating brushes to help remove dirt and debris from the floor. Their years of experience in the industry has made them one of the top vacuum companies that people trust. Hoover offers every kind of vacuum, from upright to cordless stick and canisters. Hoover also offers a line of vacuum cleaners for people who are on a tighter budget.

Popular models

The Hoover Windtunnel is by far the best Hoover vacuum cleaner around. Upright and bagless and with 5 height adjustment, it can easily handle all types of surfaces. It also comes with an extension wand for an added 12 feet of reach. Its dirt cup capacity of 1.5L means you can do multiple cleaning before you need to empty it.

The Hoover Sprint QuickVac is perfect for people looking for a cheap yet powerful vacuum cleaner. Lightweight and compact, this upright Hoover model is easy to use as well as store. The handle can be removed to connect to a hose for added reach.


Showing your home is never easy but there are tips that can help you make it a success. Here are a few of them.

Get rid of all your clutter

When staging a home, your goal is to make it as presentable as possible to prospective buyers. You’re aiming to sell a picture of their life living in that house. But you’re never going to achieve that illusion with all the clutter and junk scattered around the house. Stowaway any unwanted items, organize your stuff and clean the space until it’s sparkling clean. And remember; don’t just put your junk in a closet for a curious buyer to discover. Instead, box them up and get them out of the house or at least the basement or attic.

After getting rid of clutter, you should do a deep cleaning. Make your living room and kitchen sparkle and make sure you close the toilet lid before your showings. You should also air out the whole house by opening the windows. Never use air fresheners or scented candles as they might trigger allergies to potential buyers. If you keep pets at home, you should wash all that they touch to remove the smell of a pet in the home. To get all these things done right, consider hiring a professional to help with the cleaning but only if you have the budget.

Keep it light and bright

The next thing you want to do in showing and staging your home is to make sure the rooms are as bright as possible. So open your blinds, change those curtains to something light and airy, and make sure all your lights are working. Not only that, make sure they’re appealing as well, get rid of dark and dingy lampshades.

Play around with different color temperatures for the lighting. Keep in mind that the whiter the light, the more it will resemble daylight. In selecting the right light bulb, check the Kelvin ratio on the packaging to help you select the correct bulb. Soft white is around 2700K to 3000K. Natural daylight is between 5000K and 6000K. But before doing all these, you should maximize the natural light available in your house. During the showing day, open all the curtains and blinds and only add supplemental lighting where it’s necessary.

Show the important rooms first

This next step might cost you a little money because it requires you to rent or buy new furniture and removing old ones into a storage facility. If you are a little tight on the budget, you can still showcase the house but make sure you stage the important rooms first. The living room should always look to perfection. Next, the kitchen should be as clean and organized as possible. Lastly, showcase the master bedroom in all its relaxing glory.

Remove or rent furniture

When it comes to showing your house, the general rule is to remove about half of the furniture. This might be a little tricky since you still have to live in the house after the showing. But the goal is to attract potential buyers to your place by making it look bigger and you do that with less furniture inside. The best thing you can do is store your own furniture somewhere and rent different ones for the showing.

If your furniture has seen better days and don’t look as appealing as they once were, you can either replace them with shiny new ones, put them in storage and rent new ones, or you can sell or donate your old furniture if you don’t plan to take it with you when you move. If you’ve already moved out, you can go for pop-up furniture pieces. They are less expensive than buying or renting real ones and they will give potential buyers a sense of space.